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Massachusetts (Updated) COVID Data

The third wave is among us and if you aren’t staying up to data with active data in your community, you are putting yourself at risk. Massachusetts residents, its time to start preparing and proceeding with caution. Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex counties are the most populous in the state and have the highest active case numbers.

The following chart includes active COVID data reported by The New York Times.

COVID 19 data by county, in order from most to least active cases.
COVID data in graph visual, orange are active cases, blue represents the counties population.
COVID 19 data by county, in order from most to least deaths.
COVID data presented in visual graph, compares deaths by per county.

Some notable takeaways from the New York Times data show the most cases and deaths have occurred in the most populous regions. One thing that is surprising is the infected percentage of Suffolk county residents. This stood out because Massachusetts capital, Boston is located in Suffolk county. Boston is a thriving city with a dense population and because of those factors one would expect that county to have the most cases. Due to economic factors most people live in Middlesex county but work in Suffolk which explains the disproportion between the two.

Currently almost 3% of the Massachusetts population is infected with COVID-19. With that number expected to rise its important to follow guidelines and get tested if necessary.

There are many locations throughout the state offering free tests to Massachusetts residents. One of these being at the Square One mall in Saugus and a new testing site has opened in Boston’s Logan Airport.

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